The new age of news app — Morning Bird

Shruti Mour
3 min readAug 9, 2022

Here's presenting you with a news app called Morning Bird. It is a well-researched and self-made case study and would like to share some points about why this news app case study differs from all other case studies. Why is the thought process behind this app different than other creators or maybe the same but a great one. Let’s start with the name — The name was kept after the phrase. ‘New day, New Beginnings.’ And every new day starts with one newspaperwala who comes in the morning and delivers the newspaper, which everyone loves to enjoy with a hot cup of tea/coffee. Looking at that newspaperwala, who is like a messenger, and who’s a better messenger than a bird? The name was right there, Morning Bird.

This news app solves the problem of people getting overwhelmed by the notifications, information, negativity & stuff. I mean, of course, you can't change the news content. Still, maybe presenting the info might help, like the feature of reading news according to the mood and receiving notifications according to yourself, or perhaps just listening to the information or headlines if you're too busy or distracted to read the news.

This app is also better because it can balance everything, i.e., it gives choices without overwhelming the user. E.g., Inshorts solves the problem of overwhelming users with information with its content, but it does hinder the user's preferences as you have to scroll through so much news to get the news you want to read. On the other hand, the morning bird helps you to read the relevant information. It also gives you a choice, unlike a newspaper full of headlines wherein you get confused about what to read first. In addition, if you're on a bus and want to read, but there are too many distractions, you can always listen to the feed just like you do on medium.

To expand the target audience, It also has the features of increasing or reducing the font size because some user research shows that the age of people above 35 or 40 generally loves to use their mobile apps with brightness and big block letters.

Content is, of course, always the key to a news app. Well, if you're shopping on an e-commerce app. The products will always be your priority, but not every company is as famous as Amazon or Myntra, even if other shopping apps have the same products to offer. Why? Because of their UI and smoothness of interface. You can always get the information you want even from google, but people still use other apps more than google news because people love the variety as long as variety isn't the problem.

Once, A person asked me if Instagram and Facebook also give us information and news enough, why do we need any other app? Well, the answer to that question, my friend, is people still have WhatsApp when you can text and call them with your default installed apps. People crave UI with content to have a great UX, and I think morning bird provides that.

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