Shield Waste Management

“The earth is what we all have in common.” -Wendell Berry

Shruti Mour
3 min readFeb 21, 2022

A simplistic waste management app that provides solid waste collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal services, along with recycling and resource recovery, in mostly exclusive and secondary markets across the Country. We also provide non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery, and disposal services in several basins across India., as well as intermodal services for the rail haul movement of cargo and solid waste containers.

Product design: Personal project

Platform: Figma


While traveling to Jaipur, I saw how clean the city is and how sanitized & healthy the vibe it carries. So why are there areas in my hometown that are so opposite of this? I always wondered how cleaning companies could expand their target audience by making it easy for consumers to reach out to them. So, that’s how “SHIELD” came into existence. I designed this app specifically for users to help them maintain clean and hygienic surroundings. Users can be Household people, Business houses, Societies, Event-specific, and many more.


There are a number of potential customer groups that are commonly identified as the target audience for recycling education and outreach. They include but are not limited to residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers.


Many people benefit directly or indirectly from this waste management, and making an app is an excellent way of expanding their target audience more rapidly. People who are helped are :

  • Local and national tourist operators and associations
  • Local farmers and farmers’ associations
  • Private consumers
  • Environmental groups and organizations
  • Scientific centers and universities


Making our surroundings clean and hygienic and making it easy for consumers to reach out to people who can help them keep a healthy environment.


The goal of the product is to deliver a quality experience with a simple and attractive interface. Therefore, the best choice is to build a mobile application to increase reach and impact. A well-designed e-commerce app can be more effective than a website as it is quicker and easy to use.


Sitemap of the Shield waste management App

My goal was to build a UI design that customers find easy to use. App design that delivers comfortability and improvising it to make it more user-friendly.

With the help of Shield Waste Management, we can follow the vision of our father of the nation and make his dream of swachh Bharat come true with just a few clicks at your doorstep and the time slot you prefer.
We can ensure better health and pleasant surroundings for our loved ones through this.
India is a beautiful country. However, if accompanied by better waste management, it can become way more graceful and pollution-free.

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