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Shruti Mour
2 min readFeb 19, 2022



This was a very interesting project for me. I started to think about it while scrolling my social handles. I like watching small videos and I also like to read facts and figures but I have never really seen an app that does both. So, I decided that the app can be designed where people can share by showing short videos for displaying or explaining news about the city; around the country & world just like TikTok; Instagram; Facebook, or any other social media except the main purpose of this app is news.

The Problem

It’s hard to keep up with daily news when it's monotonous and boring. There is a need for exposure for amateur Journalists to show or practice their skills.

Who’s facing the Problem?

Youth who finds news boring but wants to keep up with it, as it is a healthy habit.

Amateur journalists who want some exposure or platform to showcase their talent and people who want to be aware of their surroundings.


An App where news reading is a trend. Social media app where news is posted and shared in the form of short videos for the purpose of making it less boring and more interesting just like any other social medial app you can scroll down and watch the interesting ways of telling news by the people around the globe.

User Persona

Ayushi Jain

Ayushi is a school Graduate and is looking forward to preparing for college entrance exams

  • 17 year old
  • 12th Passout
  • Lives in her hometown

“It’s really boring and hard to keep up with daily news. I wonder how will I face my GK rounds in the College process”.


  • To keep up with daily news updates
  • Turn News reading time into interesting and easy
  • Could talk/Write about any topic in exam rounds of any field
  • Maintaining a healthy habit of reading news easily.

User Flow

User flow chart of an app “Reals Now”

The Final Design details

  • Tool Used: Figma
  • Frame chosen: iPhone 13 pro max
  • Typography: Poppins
  • I chose the name Reals now because it is a news app
    that states the word “Real” and since the app's purpose is to
    update the world as fast as any other news app that states

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Shruti Mour

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