Jira + Figma Integration

Shruti Mour
2 min readJul 9, 2023


Figma + Jira


Currently, there is only a Jira plugin or extension for Figma available in developer’s mode, which was released a few weeks ago. However, it would be beneficial to have a dedicated feature within Figma for designers as well.


The project aims to design a user interface (UI) feature in Figma that integrates with Jira, making it easier for designers to manage their tasks and stay organized.


The core idea is to create a Jira tab within Figma where designers can view and prioritize their tasks, ensuring they are always aware of their to-do list.


To ensure a seamless user experience, the app design follows Figma’s UI system, emphasizing simplicity and clarity. Through research and testing, user scenarios were developed to streamline the work for designers and help them understand their workload at a glance.

User Interface Design:

Figma, as a collaborative design tool, focuses on building meaningful products. Therefore, the user interface of the proposed Jira integration should be intuitive and accessible to designers. The application layout aligns with Figma’s Dark UI mode, providing a visually comfortable environment. The typography, based on the Inter font, enhances information scannability and legibility on desktop screens.
Please refer the below picture.

Key design elements:

1. Jira Menu Icon: Easily accessible on the top right corner of the interface, allowing users to access their assigned tickets.
2. Project Linking: Users can link all their issues at once by selecting their project. Alternatively, they have the option to link their issues individually.

UI for Figma + Jira for Designer mode



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